Video U

Lights! Camera! The Etch Pod!™!

      The Etch Man needed something magical to capture his work on “The Magic Screen”, so he created The Etch Pod! This special workstation includes an overhead camera, which digitally records the etching as it is being done, to use in our cutting edge videos, or, to project LIVE at your event!

Add VIDEO U to any PRESERVE U event a nd choose any or all of the following add-ons to make your party a huge success!

  • Project Etch A Sketches onto screens or TV monitors for all your guests to watch. They’ll be amazed!

  • Give complimentary DVDs to your guests of their Etches coming to life. Videos that everyone can share with their friends!

  • Commission your own Etch A Sketch video montage to play on your special day and/or to give away as a gift!

  • PROJECT U. Your guests gather round to watch their friends get etched! They will be amazed! The Etch Pod™ can be connected to TV monitors, projected onto screens, or, even the wall.

    VIDEO U adds a whole new dimension to an Etch A Sketch event that everyone is sure to enjoy! *Recommended for larger parties and corporate events.