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Renowned, lightening fast Etch A Sketch artist Christoph Brown – The ETCH MAN – creates astounding personalized Etch A Sketch drawings or caricatures of you or your loved ones in just minutes. Available for parties, events, and public appearances, The Etch Man has traveled the world sketching children and adults alike at celebrity events, trade shows, conventions, weddings, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, and more! ETCH U PRODUCTIONS offers a wide variety of Party Packages to individualize your event and make it spectacular!  Scroll down to see how we can ETCH U!


Preserve U


Etch Portraits at your Party!

He can complete approximately 10-12 sketches in one hour and can include more people if couples or families get etched together!  (Note- Limit one portrait per guest, if families do not wish to share an Etch A Sketch, family members should be drawn separately.)

That’s twice what most traditional portrait artists can do!

Learn more about the PRESERVE U Package

Premium U

Bigger Screens! Colorful frames!
More Variety!

Upgrade from basic red Pocket Size Etch A Sketches to an exciting PREMIUM option including Limited Edition Silver or Gold "Christoph Brown Collector's Series 2010", custom assorted designs for every holiday event, custom colors, and even the larger Travel size edition!

Learn more about the PREMIUM U Package.

Photo U

We shoot it! We print it!

We professionally photograph the preserved Etch A Sketches, then print them on keepsake cards custom designed to match the theme of your party.

Learn more about the PHOTO U Package.

Photo U Group Portraits

Guests take home a digital print of their group sketch while the host gets to keep the preserved Full-Size Etch A Sketches. Recommended for larger parties, class or family reunions!

Learn more about the PHOTO U GROUP Package.

Video U

Lights! Camera! Etch Pod!

The Etch Man needed something magical to capture his work on “The Magic Screen”, so he created The Etch Pod! This special workstation includes an overhead camera, which digitally records the etching as it is being done, to use in our cutting edge videos and to project LIVE at your event!

Learn more about the VIDEO U Package.

3D Etch U

Christoph Brown brings 3-D Technology to the Etch A Sketch magic screen!

Upgrade Photo U or Video U options to 3-D! Get custom 3-D glasses to match the theme of your event.

Learn more about the 3D Etch U Package.

Rock U

Let the Show Begin!

Let us ROCK your socks off! Christoph Brown is not only the World’s Fastest Etch A Sketch Artist, he is also an accomplished singer and performer! From country standards to romantic ballads to alt-rock faves, our professional musicians can cover just about any song in any style!
Learn more about the ROCK U Package.