How Do U Save it?




This is our #1 most Frequently Asked Question.  The answer is simple, but the process is quite complicated…and messy!

Here’s how an Etch A Sketch Works: every Etch A Sketch is filled with graphite powder. When you turn the knobs on an Etch A Sketch, a pointed stylus moves across “The Magic Screen” etching off the powder to reveal your drawing. When you shake it to erase, the powder re-sticks to the screen, filling in your etchings.

The Preserve U Process

ETCH U PRODUCTIONS has developed a way to preserve Etch A Sketch art so it will not erase. Imagine taking a #2 Pencil and transforming it into an ink pen! The Preserve U Process is exactly that! Through a long and messy procedure, the Etch U Staff carefully drills and drains the powder from each mechanism so the drawing will not erase if shaken. After the Etch Man completes your picture, the knobs are glued in place and the finished art is ready for display!

Here's how its done!

Prep It!

We remove the knobs and tape up each unit.

Drill It!

We drill through the back of each Etch A Sketch.

Drain It!

We drain out all the powder, unwrap the tape and re-seal the holes.

Polish It!

Then, we polish, polish, polish!
(That powder LOVES to stick to anything! Don’t worry, it’s non-toxic.)