The Origin of
the Etch Man

The World's Fastest Etch A Sketch Artist

Just a few years ago, Christoph Brown (C.B.) had done it all in the arts.  He had worked as a commercial and fine artist, a professional singer and actor, a multimedia writer and director.  But, little did he know when he picked up a Pocket Etch A Sketch left behind in a Los Angeles coffee shop that his true destiny would be revealed!


“I can do this,” he exclaimed!  Discovering that he could draw almost anything on “The Magic Screen” (and with lightning fast speed too), C.B. transformed into The ETCH MAN™, taking the art of ETCH where it had never gone before; multimedia videos, gallery shows, conventions, parties and more!!!


Today, C.B. and the team of creatives at ETCH U PRODUCTIONS™ continue to invent new, exciting art and fun for children of all ages!